Scouting in Highmountain

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Scouting in Highmountain

Post by Gripgrap on Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:37 pm

Present agents:
Alexa Valentine
Geno Reins

We went out scouting the region of Highmountain and decided to scale the mountain to see if we could find any wildlife.

- We ran across an elk that seemed to be bigger than the ones we have seen at home. It didn't appear to be hostile. Didn't try to kill it because it would be too big for us both to take down.

- Came across a watch post that, as we later learned, was protected by Skyhorn. The entire squadron of Tauren was wiped out and appeared to have been dead for several days. We let the innkeeper of Spiritpoint Watch know and she ensured us they would take care of the remains.

- Continued scaling the mountain and saw a peculiar banner near a torch. which made us think we were passing in claimed territory. Made a drawing of them which is included in the report.

- Came across a creature of stone we didn't know, but later learned it was a droghbar from the locals of spiritpoint watch. Considering we might have been someone else's territory, we did not engage. We spotted some runes on the wall that Alexa scribbled over and is also included in the report.

- Went back to inform the locals of Spiritpoint Watch that their watchtower had been raided and asked some more about the Droghbar. The tauren we spoke too confirmed they were indeed droghbar symbols, but remarked that it was odd that the droghbar would suddenly attack a watchpost - according to her, they have been keeping to themselves, but never did any harm. Gave us the warning to steer far away from the territory though if they had truly gone agressive.


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