Report on Scouting in Southern Desolace

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Report on Scouting in Southern Desolace

Post by Kylora on Thu Jan 21, 2016 6:47 pm

Mission rundown:
Impromptu flyover of all points of interest in the southern regions of Desolace, e.g. anything south of the Cenarion Wildlands.

Present agents:
Naroma Herandir
Caviel Johanson
Kylora Duskdancer
(plus respective flying mounts)

We flew clockwise around the region, starting at Nijel's Point. We generally stayed close to the mountains to avoid being seen, and only strayed from that path if enemy fortifications were too close for comfort. We stopped at every relevant location and briefly discussed any relevant information. The points of interest thusly are as follows, in the order we visited them:

Magram Village
Since this is the location we already partially observed during our mission with our druidic ally last, we quickly determined that these lands belong to the Magram clan of centaurs. It is one of the largest remaining centaur villages on Kalimdor, if not the largest. Aside from awaiting further inquiry into the use of their tails as a reagent, attacking the centaurs does not seem to be a pressing concern - the clans are quite occupied warring with each other, and weakening one clan and not the others might dangerously tip the scales for one clan to gain the upper hand - and thus present a much larger threat to the overall region.
Magram centaurs can be recognized by their green tribal markings on their faces and weapons.

Overrun centaur village
We were unable to determine which tribe once resided here, but it is not of importance. The area has been overrun by more Burning Blade, in such scale that the cultists have erected a tower and are in possession of/allied with demons. Numbers were hard to estimate, but we did spot a Doomguard, so directly attacking the area is questionable. Whether it is an easier or more difficult target than Thunder Axe Fortress is debatable. In any case, Naroma has explicitly ordered that no one is to step near the place without a direct order from a commanding officer.

Clanless centaur outpost
Wedged behind a large plateau that serves as an excellent outlook in the area is a small valley that seems to be the home of some stray, clanless centaur necromancers. They have no tents and only a few tattered banners, indicating that they are outcasts or deserters from one of the other nearby clans. Two things of note are in the area: First of all, there are two enormous skeletons of unknown origin emerging from the dust. Their features are vaguely draconic, but even that is a guess at best. While it is possible that the necromancers plan to resurrect these bodies in their service, their low numbers and power mean it is not a real cause for concern. Most likely, they are desperate and grasping for straws. Secondly, we spotted the corpse of a Scarlet Crusader in the area. Again, we can only guess why the man was there, since the Scarlet Crusade has no holdings in Kalimdor. The humans at Nijel's Point may know more, but it probably does not matter.

Night elven ruin
We only observed these ruins from afar, since even on first glance there were fel meteors raining in the area and the ground was discoloured by corruption. There likely is a large demonic and cultist presence. The area is to be avoided at all costs.

Gelkis village
This village is nested next to the only road to Feralas. Despite that location, barricading or raiding the road does not seem to be their primary concern. Presumably, they want to focus their limited resources on their war with the other centaur clans. The same general ideas apply for this village as for the Magram one mentioned above. However, this area belongs to the Gelkis clan.
Gelkis centaurs can be recognized by their brown tribal markings on their faces and weapons.

Small coastal Horde village
This outpost is built between the ocean and the mountain that houses Maraudon and the Maraudine clan. The architecture is of troll origin, and it is rather small. The most outstanding features are a large dock and a wide road with wagon tracks, leading us to believe that it serves as a vital point in the supply route for the Horde outposts in northern Feralas. In any case, it seems to be the simplest target in the area, considering our current numbers.

Again, not many observations to be made here - the Maraudine clan is hardy, and their mountain is an excellent strategic location. Unless there is something very specific we need from there, there is not much to be gained in an attack.

Additions on the naga presence
While heading back to Nijel's Point, we briefly stopped at the coast parallel to the Cenarion Wildlands. Not only is the naga presence there larger than further north, but they seem to be supported by giants. What they are protecting (or planning to attack), we could not say.

A last vital observation: While the Burning Blade targets in Desolace are large-scale and dangerous, it is possible that small groups travel between them on the regular. This might be a good starting point for our eventual assault on the cult.

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