Scouting near Valdisfjall

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Scouting near Valdisfjall

Post by Gripgrap on Mon Sep 26, 2016 11:24 pm

Present agents:
Alexa Valentine
Geno Reins

- we came back to the camp, which was empty again, and decided to check out the West side. We came across this strange tone imbued with markings and a strange blue glow. Suspect it is a ritual spot. No signs of the tracker. Included is a drawing of the stone, as seen below.

- Found a second ritual site, similar to the first one. This one however, was guarded by what seemed to be an elemental glowing in a similar hue to the stone: perhaps the two are connected. A picture of the elemental is included.

- Found a third stone, and Geno remarked the place around it looked like a fighting pit. Might be for a ritual where sacrifice is involved.

- We ran across a goblin called Nozzle Wippercrankle who had problems with his cart. He was heading towards Thunder Totem, and he agreed to stay there and provide information about the Legion should Alexa and Geno arrive. When the goblin left, Alexa discovered that a pocket watch, most likely his own, was "dropped on the ground". The pocket watch is attached to the report.

Note from Alexa: Goblins aren't exactly known as the most trustworthy bunch, so he might not hold his end of the deal and he might not be in Thunder Totem when we arrive.

- As for wildlife, we mostly found stags. Might provide food when needed.

We then headed back to the base.


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