[Report] Alexa's report on the scouting of Dun Morogh

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[Report] Alexa's report on the scouting of Dun Morogh

Post by Gripgrap on Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:17 pm

[The following message seems to be written in very crude handwriting on a very battered piece of paper.]

Alexa Valentine

Me and Kylora met at the gates of Ironforge, left our mounts there and made our way down the hill and started observing our surroundings. The road to Ironforge was too heavily guarded by Ironforge guards and mountaineers, so that option was a no-go.

We made our way to Anvilmar, but the road up to there was also too heavily guarded by mountain patrols and mountaineers. We decided to take a right and went towards New Tinkertown. The bend in front of the main geary-wizzy-thing seemed like a promising location. Plenty of cover behind the trees, and few authorities to spot. K also came with the idea to climb up the mountain near the bend, and it gave us a nice overlook over the entire road. Seems like the most promising location so far.

We also went in New Tinkertown territory, but that was mostly fruitless. Road is to straight and to crowded with gnomes and dwarves alike. After that, K went on to do some more sleuthing whilst I went back to Ironforge.

Note to self: Remember to wear some more armour next time. Dun Morogh is ploughin' freezing.

Another note to self: One of the main guards near the gates of Ironforge was packin' some nice muscle.

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