Scouting report of the nearby area

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Scouting report of the nearby area

Post by Gripgrap on Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:32 am

The following report seems to be hastily scribbled, barely readable for the trained eye.

Present agents:
Oacenth Sanderson
Alexa Valentine

Goal of the mission:
Discover various points of interests around the area.


We found the following:

- On pillars up the hill pillars were found with ancient runes on them, most likely Vrykul. No magical energy detected. Runes were copied and handed to Naroma for translation. Included is a picture of the runes.

- We searched the hut Geno and Aziir found a few days back. Hut seemed abandoned, but we found apples and barrels with liquid in them in the back, most likely cider. Must mean there are apples nearby in the forest on top of the cliff.

- Near the hut also three pillars were found, again with Vrykul runes on them. Included is another piece of paper with the runes written on them.

- Point of note is that the edge near the cliff where the hut is located is an excellent sniping spot. Good overlook on the bay, all entrances to it covered, a good angle and cover against the wind. Someone with a rifle with good enough range (Like Alexa's) should be able to defend (or take a shot at) the camp.

- Went deeper into the forest on top of the cliff, scouted the local wildlife. Confirmation of what Aziir and Geno had found: bears, goats, elks and worgs. Bears seemed to be bigger than the ones at home.

- Managed to get a kill on a worg. All relevant information added to the bestiary.

- On the way back we spotted a dragon or a drake with blue scales and electrified energy around it, similar to the ones Swatti and I spotted back on the first day. He was the only one we saw, but keep your heads up when you travel through that area: there could be more.

Afterwards, we went back to the camp because it was getting dark. Suggestion we head deeper inland when dawn rises.



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