The Return to Stormwind

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The Return to Stormwind

After several months of mapping the West Coast of Kalimdor, the Theatre was summoned back to Stormwind. They were simply told that their job was done there. Thus, the Master Assassin gave everyone a week to get back to Stormwind.

After this refreshing week off, the things in Stormwind started very slow. The number of obvious darkcasters and other criminals had gone down significantly, leaving the Theatre with little to do in the city. Thus, the intelligence branch, having got a clue of an old enemy, set out to Duskwood to infiltrate them. The old enemy was an elven woman called Lady Zeln, who is the assumed leader of a criminal organisation known as Silk Web.

Meanwhile the assassins had no other jobs than chasing down a strange group of Horde sailors that had suddenly begun raiding Alliance towns near the coasts of Eastern Kingdoms - and even Darkshore. While these Raiders stood no chance against the elite assassins of the Theatre, they must be acknowledged for their persistence: one defeat after another, they still kept coming, and leaving with no other loot than a few breads and scrolls. Soon, the Raiders started bringing other groups with them, but the Alliance reacted quickly and prevailed time and time again.

The specialists, however, had absolutely nothing to do. There were no miracles to marvel and research in Stormwind; no herbs to pick and no strange races to study. Thus, the Playwright decided it was time to reform the branch in order to give them something to do as well. She stuck to the old theme of the branch, but took a clearer focus: doing everything that is required for an organization to work properly. To accommodate this change, the rank names were changed as well - Operatives became Functionaries, and Specialists became Coordinators. Immediately the branch's to-do list was filled with organisational projects and meetings, and things were quickly about to change.

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