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A History of Blood

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  • 20160911
    After a long journey across the great sea the Final Act creeps through the mists of large natural harbour at the northern coastline of Stormheim. The anchors are dropped and all is silent on deck, this is the moment some have anticipated, others have feared, but it is finally here. The Broken Isles, the Burning Legion, the future of the Theatre of Blood.

    Several small rowing boats depart from the ominous looking Final Act, in the chill of the early evening air, it's not long before the collective of agents are stood upon the shoreline. A nearby abandoned campsite (seemingly Pandaren)...

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  • 20160907
    The Theatre were tasked with a high profile assassination, details of which are still highly confidential and even amongst certain agents opinions differ on the nature of the task. Several weeks of off the radar operations were undertaken, moving the Theatre away from the bustling capitals and into the wilderness with only their wits and abilities to survive. The contract itself was never completed, as chaos rained down on Azeroth agents of all ranks knew, the Legion had returned.

    With the contract abandoned the Theatre were recalled as a unit to Stormwind to make preparations for the...

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  • 20160704
    Not long after the Playwright had set her mind on improving the Theatre's organisation, she realized that splitting the Theatre into three branches (Organization, Intelligence, and Assassins) simply did not work. The number of so-called active agents (agents who were neither on long-term infiltration missions nor incapable of working due to an injury or other valid reason) was indisputably too low for the branches to function. Each branch had less than a handful of people, and the overseers were lacking agents to give tasks to as only in exceptional cases were they allowed to give orders to agents...

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  • 20160622
    Director Oacenth Sanderson had received word from her old Silk Web contact, simple stating she was 'needed' again, presumably her cover alias and previous team for earlier encounters. Taking this information to Naroma led to the decision of once more sending a team to infiltrate the Web. A simple enough task, yet all too familiar. The Theatre gathered a team and met with their new contact in Surwich, after various brief meetings, consisting of information exchange and trivial conversation to weigh up the agents, they were tasked with bringing the Web the body of Fizzles Frostnimble, a young gnome...

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  • 20160620
    After several months of mapping the West Coast of Kalimdor, the Theatre was summoned back to Stormwind. They were simply told that their job was done there. Thus, the Master Assassin gave everyone a week to get back to Stormwind.

    After this refreshing week off, the things in Stormwind started very slow. The number of obvious darkcasters and other criminals had gone down significantly, leaving the Theatre with little to do in the city. Thus, the intelligence branch, having got a clue of an old enemy, set out to Duskwood to infiltrate them. The old enemy was an elven woman called Lady...

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  • 20160620
    Upon their return to Azeroth the Theatre rebuilt ties with Alliance military organisations across the Eastern Kingdoms, and began once more rebuilding up to date intel within the organisation for the purposes of supplying it to the Alliance as and when needed. Their base of operations once more setup in Darnassus the Theatre set out with the task of remapping Horde movements across Kalimdor.

    Quickly after arriving on Kalimdor, the former Quartermaster Webbles Boozeboath was promoted to be on par with the Director and the Arbitor, and she was given a new title - 'the Playwright'. In order...

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  • 20160620
    On going to Draenor, for undisclosed reasons, Naroma appointed Oacenth Sanderson as the new Director of the Theatre of Blood. In doing so Naroma, Oacenth and Eyri lead the Theatre across Draenor, making a dent in the Iron horde's war efforts. With Eyri leading assaults on many of their bases and Naroma and Oacenth leading a team to stockpile information on the planet, soon their job here was deemed completed allowing them all to return home.

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  • 20160620
    As the Mists were unveiled upon Pandaria, Naroma Herandir returned to the Theatre of Blood; bringing with him the son of the Theatres founder, Eyri Seragon. Eyri was trained by Skaraa to become a warrior of which is father would be proud, and together Eyri and Naroma discovered the depraved depths to which Skaraa had fallen. Ultimately the reason for his promotion to Director, his meticulous obsession with paperwork, was the reason for his downfall and the two discovered proof of his treason against the Alliance. Capturing the scholar and bringing him before the people of Stormwind, Skaraa Mikolaas...

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  • 20160620
    With the coming of the Cataclysm the Herandir brothers were recalled to their old regiment to serve with Commander Fey in the defence of the hallowed Mount Hyjal, and Eyriour Seragon was announced MIA upon those same slopes. Director Skaraa Mikolaas, during his work against the Dead Rose, had befriended a Troll Voodoo Priest, a mage, by the name of Zulgenji Gen’Zultuk – they both held a deep longing for peace between the Alliance and the Horde, and so they worked together in an attempt to further that end; some of this work was sufficient to mark Skaraa as a traitor to the Alliance, years later....

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  • 20160620
    Everything before the Warlords of Draenor is our history as it occurred on The Venture Co. before the RP-PvP servers were merged and was all roleplayed between 2009 and 2014.

    The Theatre of Blood was founded shortly after the events that unfolded on Outland by Master Assassin Eyriour Lolindar Seragon, who had previously trained and proven his expertise at Ravenholdt Manor. The Theatre of Blood was founded in order to serve the Alliance from the shadows in the war against...

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