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Post by Kylora on Sat May 21, 2016 10:52 pm

This thread serves as an archive for all the roles that have been in play so far. Roles that are not listed here will never appear in a game, even during Closed or Semi-Open games.

Citizen/Thug - Vanilla - No special abilities.

Jailer - Protective - Can jail a player during the Night, protecting them from all other actions, but also blocking them from performing any abilities they may possess.

Scryer - Investigative - Can observe a player during the Night to see what kind of action they performed (nothing/killing/investigative/protective).
Eavesdropper - Investigative - Can target a player at Night to discover whether any actions were performed on or by them, but not what actions they were or who performed them.
Sleuth - Investigative - Can investigate a player during the Night to see what their role is.

Armoured - Immune to Night Kills.

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