Herb Collecting

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Herb Collecting

Post by Caviel on Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:59 pm

Caviel Johanson
Feron Farfield
Aziir Vazzar
Gripgrap Lightbang


We met at Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands where we exchanged greetings and then discussed where would be the best place to find the mushrooms we needed for the tonics. Feron knew the most out of all of us about this and explained that the mushrooms we needed are mostly found in dark damp caves and sometimes near ruins.
We travelled East of Aerie Peak where we found some old ruins, we stopped there to see if we could find some. We split up looking around and luckily Aziir and Feron managed to find one each. We had another look around but that was all we found from there.
We decided to look elsewhere as that place seemed very empty, we travelled further into the Hinterlands until we discovered a cave full of all sorts of herbs and mushrooms, but of course, we needed specific ones. We went into the cave and looked around again, we were luckier in that place and managed to find thirteen more, making a total of fifteen.

We carefully bagged up the mushrooms and called it a day, having found more than enough.

After leaving the Hinterlands, I traveled back to Stormwind to start on the wards. I seeked help from other members of the Cathedral and after some time, we successful made the wards we need for the operation, they will be handed over to Oacenth when I next see her.

- Caviel

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