The Silk Web

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The Silk Web

Director Oacenth Sanderson had received word from her old Silk Web contact, simple stating she was 'needed' again, presumably her cover alias and previous team for earlier encounters. Taking this information to Naroma led to the decision of once more sending a team to infiltrate the Web. A simple enough task, yet all too familiar. The Theatre gathered a team and met with their new contact in Surwich, after various brief meetings, consisting of information exchange and trivial conversation to weigh up the agents, they were tasked with bringing the Web the body of Fizzles Frostnimble, a young gnome whom Lady Zeln held a twisted Vendetta against.

Headed by the Playwright, Webbles Boozeboat, the team formulated a plan to provide a decoy of the gnome, having instantly agreed to harm no one to gain the Web's favour. After the grim gruelling task of providing a believable corpse had been done, it was presented to the contact, successfully. Seemingly satisfied with the teams work, they were passed on to a contact higher within the Web, but not before their brief period of 'enlightenment' following their success, being informed of the Web's delusions of grandeur of being an unstoppable unseen force, dawned at the beginning of time..

The following series of meetings led to somewhat of a dead end, the new face to the agents, apparently favoured of the Lady Zeln herself was something else. Unpredictable, eccentric, and borderline insane. The agents strived on with their duties as 'underlings' of this madman, providing some well forged dossiers of information and a staged scenario at the end of the trail for good measure. Things were looking close to a closing point on Zeln when the Theatre were called up personally to assist in the defences of the northern lands of the Kingdoms.

Another chapter in pursuing the Silk Web has come to a close, but the Director will not cease the hunt, and Lady Zeln will one day be unravelled.


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