Ranks and Progression

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Ranks and Progression

Post by Webbles on Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:37 pm

Stranger - A stranger is an OOC member of the guild, used for non-RP alts and characters who have absolutely nothing to do with the Theatre. This ensures that members have a place to put their levelling characters and provides a stepping stone for those joining the guild for the first time.

Contact - A contact is also an OOC member of the guild, but a contact must have been roleplayed before. Additionally, they must've had something to do with the Theatre; often this simply means that they are friends with some of the members.

Aspirant - An aspirant is someone who has gone through the recruitment interview and survived thus far. However, they have only been invited to the next Meeting of Blood, where they will be scheduled a field test.

Apprentice - An apprentice is an initiate to the order. They made it through the field test, and they are now about to be trained in the philosophy of the code, stealth, combat, and various other useful skills. The apprentice may choose what they want to learn, and they will - if possible - be appointed a mentor that is best suited for training them in that particular area of expertise; be it spying, combat or organisation.

Agent - An agent is a 'full' member of the Theatre. They managed to impress their mentor and other superiors, and now have a relatively secure spot within the Theatre. An agent has no authority whatsoever unless one of the following is true: they are in a situation where an immediate decision is absolutely necessary, and there are only apprentices and aspirants with them, or they have been made the leader of a team by one of the guild officials.

Special Agent - A special agent is a title given to agents who have shown great potential. They are responsible, able to make the right decisions under pressure and overall dedicated to the Theatre. As with agents, special agents take charge if they are team leaders or no one nearby is superior to them.

Senior Agent - A senior agent is someone who has remained with the Theatre for years. They have thorough understanding of the guild's ways, and thus they generally hold authority over special agents and anyone inferior to them. It is not always required that an agent becomes a special agent before having a chance to become a senior agent; however, it is rare that such a thing would happen.

Deputy - A deputy is a right hand of one of the overseers. They have proven themselves capable of everything demanded of the lower ranks, as well as taking on a managerial role. Deputies answer only to the Master Assassin and the overseers, and they may conduct various tasks in the overseers' absence, such as recruiting or taking reports.

Overseer - An overseer is someone who has very deep and extensive knowledge about one of the Theatre's main focuses: intelligence, assassinations or the guild itself. While each overseer now gives commands to every agent, they have retained their own titles - and, to some extent, their roles as experts of the aforementioned three focuses.
  • The Director, an endless well of intelligence
  • The Arbitor, a cunning killing machine
  • The Playwright, the conductor of the organisational orchestra

Master Assassin - The Master Assassin is the face of the Theatre. The Master Assassin binds the rest of the order together and reserves the final say in all major decisions. The Playwright, the Director, and the Arbitor answer only to the Master of the Theatre, and advise him in their respective specialities.

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