The Mists of Pandaria

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The Mists of Pandaria

As the Mists were unveiled upon Pandaria, Naroma Herandir returned to the Theatre of Blood; bringing with him the son of the Theatres founder, Eyri Seragon. Eyri was trained by Skaraa to become a warrior of which is father would be proud, and together Eyri and Naroma discovered the depraved depths to which Skaraa had fallen. Ultimately the reason for his promotion to Director, his meticulous obsession with paperwork, was the reason for his downfall and the two discovered proof of his treason against the Alliance. Capturing the scholar and bringing him before the people of Stormwind, Skaraa Mikolaas was hung for the crimes of; conspiracy, assault, use of forbidden magic, murder, resisting arrest, and treason.

The fabled, and now retired, Commander Fey sent an ambassador of Darnassus to the trial, and combined with the works of various Theatre military veterans, the Darnassian pressure upon the Stormwind Noble Courts were sufficient to grant Naroma a single chance to change the way that history would remember the Theatre of Blood. Master Tharnenheim, who had allowed such treason to go on unnoticed beneath him, was deposed and Master Assassin Naroma Heradir took control over the Theatre of Blood on court order. ‘Order 636’ was initiated across all former Theatre Agents, and a few steadfast spies and assassins returned from their sleeper status to serve the organisation once again.

With this new dynasty of the Theatre’s leadership, Naroma planted Eyri Seragon as the new Arbiter of Blood; a leader of the guilds Assassins. Tharnenheim was, generously, made a Director of Theatre spying operations. It was under this leadership that the Theatre entered into a new era of their history, under SI:7’s watchful eye; over the following year, the Theatre of Blood assaulted multiple Horde outposts across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. They sabotaged the oil operations of the Horde in Stranglethorn Vale and Domination Point, struck against the magisters of the Sunreaver Onslaught, and even peacefully ended a feud between two Stormwind Noble Houses. Finally, they weakened the defences of Bilgewater Harbour in preparation for the Alliance sea assault against Orgrimmar. They had proven themselves, just as on Northrend so many years before, to be loyal members of the Alliance. In the wake of the Siege on Orgrimmar by main Alliance and Horde rebellion forces, the Theatre occupied itself with assassination of remnant Kor’kron loyalists across the continents. Now, the Theatre has turned its attention to the clans of the Iron Horde; fighting upon the front lines just as it did in its glory days against the Horde and the Lich King…

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