The Cataclysm

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The Cataclysm

With the coming of the Cataclysm the Herandir brothers were recalled to their old regiment to serve with Commander Fey in the defence of the hallowed Mount Hyjal, and Eyriour Seragon was announced MIA upon those same slopes. Director Skaraa Mikolaas, during his work against the Dead Rose, had befriended a Troll Voodoo Priest, a mage, by the name of Zulgenji Gen’Zultuk – they both held a deep longing for peace between the Alliance and the Horde, and so they worked together in an attempt to further that end; some of this work was sufficient to mark Skaraa as a traitor to the Alliance, years later. It is hard to say precisely when Skaraa fell into madness, but over the coming Cataclysm he began work against another Burning Legion threat; an insane Night Elf Warlock named Chagidien. At some stage, he became morbidly obsessed with preparing Azeroth for the prophesised final battle between the Holy Light and the Dark; several less reputable Theatre Assassins were called out of hiding and were directed against citizens of the Alliance whom Skaraa felt burdened his preparation efforts. Most notably, Isidore Sinnette became a notorious serial killer within the area of Ironforge and Stormwind. Skaraa had spent much of this time Infiltrating a private army known as the ‘Wardens of Azeroth’ and held a Commander rank within their organisation, all to further his own ends.

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