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Rules and Regulations

Post by Kylora on Tue May 17, 2016 8:53 pm

1. The Game
Mafia (also known as Werewolf) is a classic party game which has been adapted into many different forms. The core idea of the game is that an informed minority (the “Mafia”) stands off against an uninformed majority (the “Town”). The goal of each party is to eliminate the other. For this purpose, both parties have access to methods of killing other players.

1.1 Game Cycle
In a classic game of Mafia, the game is divided into two phases: Day and Night. Generally, the game will start during the Day.
During the Day, everyone who is still alive can discuss the happenings, and vote on who to Lynch. A majority vote - so, more than 50% the number of all alive players - on a kill (or on a “No Lynch” option) marks the beginning of the Night.
During the Night, talking in the game thread is prohibited (and it will be locked). However, this is when the Mafia springs to action. Having access to a special secret forum thread, they can discuss their own way of killing - the aptly named Night Kill. Once they have come to a decision amongst themselves, their victim will be murdered. After this, the game returns to the Day phase, and from then on, the proceedings repeat.

1.2 Roles
The above covers the basic idea of Mafia, but that is not all there is to it. To spice things up, there are a large variety of roles that players can be assigned (more on that below on the 'Setup' rules). Some of these roles come with an active effect, some come with a passive effect, and some rare ones combine both. Generally, 'active' roles can use their abilities during the Night. The interactivity between different roles and the information they provide to players when Day comes usually determines what the Town uses as a base for their Day discussions.
A player without a role will, however, still have an alignment to Town or Mafia. They are referred to as 'Vanilla Townies' or 'Mafia Goons', respectively.

1.3 Voting
Voting is done during the Day only. To make it easy to see, please use the following formatting:
VOTE: Kylora

1.4 Death
Player death is a big part of Mafia. The most common deaths are by being Lynched during the Day or killed by the Mafia during the Night. If a player dies, they are effectively removed from the game (and thus prohibited from posting in any of the game threads) and in a normal game their role and alignment will be revealed to the public. Of course, this sucks for players who are killed early - but there's always next game!

2. Game Moderation
Every game of Mafia has a Moderator (so, in our case, that's me) whose job it is to make the game enjoyable to the players. The Moderator will create the setup for the game, sort out interactions between roles at night, and generally make sure that everything runs smoothly.

2.1 The Setup
Before the game even starts, the Moderator will create the 'empty' template for the game. They will decide how many Mafia there are and what roles are available to each side. They will run a randomizer to assign roles to players. Then, they will proceed to send so-called 'Role PMs' to everyone, and await for them to respond that they have understood and are ready to play. Once every player has confirmed, the game can begin!
There are three types of setups: Open, Semi-Open, and Closed. In an Open Setup, the players know all the roles and mechanics that are in the game. In a Closed Setup, they do not have this information. Semi-Open Setups are setups in which the players know what could appear in the game, but due to varying mechanics, this is not the absolute knowledge that an Open Setup provides. The less information the players have, the harder the game gets.

2.2 OOC Communication
Any discussion about an ongoing game is strictly prohibited outside of moderated channels. That means the forum thread, any role-related private forums, and organizational things with the moderator. Dropping hints about your role or similar in front of only select people (and with no documentation) can ruin the game for everyone. Of course, there is no way of checking whether this rule is held up - it runs strictly on the honour system. Don't mess this up for the other players by being stupid. Really. Don't.
In addition to this, please never edit your posts, as this has the potential to screw with people's understanding of the game as well. If something is that urgent, please ask me to edit it instead.

2.3 Flavouring
Considering this is a WoW-based forum and guild, I have decided to rename roles and mechanics to fit into the Warcraft Universe. This only pertains to the names and descriptions, though, so it's not a big deal. Players should know this nonetheless.

3. Handy Summary

Step 1: The Moderator creates a new setup and posts the thread on this forum.
Step 2: People post in the new thread to sign up. Once everyone has done so, the thread is temporarily locked back up.
Step 3: People receive their role PMs and confirm their participation with the moderator.
Step 4: The game officially starts! The Moderator opens the thread back up and the first Day begins.
Step 5: People are free to discuss whatever they want on the thread and vote on who/if to Lynch. The Day ends when a player gets Lynched or the majority calls for a No Lynch.
Step 6: The Moderator concludes the Day, including any death announcements. The time switches to Night. The thread is locked.
Step 7: Any player with an active Night role messages the Moderator with what they want to do. This includes any secret group discussions (e.g. the Mafia).
Step 8: The Moderator calculates the outcome of everyone's decisions and goes through the necessary organisation.
Step 9: The public forum thread is unlocked. The Moderator posts the summary of the Night, including any deaths.
Step 10: Repeat steps 5-9 until a group fulfills their Win conditions.

If there is anything you still don't understand, please message me! I tried my best to describe everything, but I may have overlooked something anyway. Please let me know if you're confused so I can edit this!

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