Raiders in Duskwood

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Raiders in Duskwood

Post by Aziir on Mon May 02, 2016 12:03 am

Agents present:
Myself, Caviel, Melkorus and a variety of Theatre agents who reported the activity.
The Night Watch were also there to assist.

I arrived in Duskwood to drop off the supplies that needed replacing in the safe house. Upon arriving at the safe I receive word that Horde Raiders were in Darkshire.

My self and the other agents made our way there to see if the reports were correct. The Raiders were there and we had several altercations with them before the fell back and re-grouped further down the road in Duskwood. We had a minor conflict with them while travelling along this road, this i felt, was our only knock back.

We eventually found ourselves at the Safe House and we had one final altercation with the Raiders, this was the push that caused them to retreat to Stranglethorn, I believe.

There were no major casualties, nothing healers couldn't deal with easily.

Signed: Aziir Vazaar

Melkorus is owed free drinks for week, he retrieved my hat after it was lost in Darkshire.

We need a list of agent names and face sketches, wasn't sure who I was working with today.


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