Duskwood Safehouse

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Duskwood Safehouse

Post by Caviel on Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:59 am

Everything that is currently in the safehouse and how clean it is:

The floor has been swept and scrubbed, there are no more bones in the cellar, the runes on the wall have now been reactivated.
There are three chairs, the one in the back corner is cracked but can still be used to sit on.
Inside the secret panel in the wall, there is a box of clean daggers.
There are no longer any rats in the cellar.
There are a couple of neatly stacked piles of wood in the cellar for use of anyone, for a fire, tables etc.

There are three boxes up against the left wall, inside there are bedrolls, some bandages, food, some pots of ink and a pile of parchment, healing herbs and rope.
They are covered with a waterproof sheet to protect the supplies.

If anyone has cleaned more, added or removed anything from the cellar, then please add to the thread.

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