Dun Morogh Guard and Patrol Report

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Dun Morogh Guard and Patrol Report

Post by Kylora on Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:31 pm

Mission rundown:
Basic scouting of the roads between Ironforge/Kharanos/New Tinkertown, tied in to the fabrication of a plausible account of Fizzles' 'capture'

Present agents:
Kylora Duskdancer
Alexa Valentine

Despite initial statements about the road between Kharanos and Ironforge being the best possible location for the faked ambush, guard presence in the area is cause for reevaluation. The gates of Ironforge and the road leading up to them are heavily guarded as expected - a multitude of stationary guards, plus mountaineer patrols. The two crossroads and bridge that follow also have mountaineers on lookout and patrolling the area in pairs. Few spots on the road are unobserved for a longer amount of time, which leads me to conclude that the location is not suitable.
However, the road from Kharanos to New Tinkertown is fitting to our purpose. The first bend in the road is obscured from Kharanos itself by snowy hills, and the sides of the road are surrounded by trees that provide enough cover for an ambush. The only patrol passing through is an occasional mountaineer mounted on a ram, but their high speeds of travel can make it believeable for them to miss small details (such as oversnowed footprints or stray scorch marks). Further down the road, past the gnomish mechanical tunnel, is a lot busier - the aforementioned mountaineers pass through, plus gnomish infantry and civilians.

To conlude: the road between the village of Kharanos and the gnomish gateway is most suitable to our needs. I have included a sketch of the roads to clarify the location.

Kylora Duskdancer

((pretend this is Kylora's fancy penmanship and not my claw))

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