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Back To The Moon Well.

Post by Caviel on Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:41 pm

Caviel Johanson
Ciram Southey
Keerla Nightblossom
Gripgrap Lightbang


We met at Feathermoon Stronghold where I told everyone where we will be going and our objectives there. We flew from there back to the corrupted moon well and began checking on the traps. We discovered all the traps had either been damaged or gone.. which showed us satyrs had returned since our last visit. Grip offered to fix the mines so he did that and took extra care to cover them up this time, whilst I managed to get a sample of the moon well in an enchanted vial.

Everything was going smoothly, until Keerla spotted three heavily armored satyrs walking towards the moon well, in which she alerted us and then charged at the satyrs. We all managed to take the satyrs down, although Ciram and Keerla took fatal hits from them, Ciram was stabbed in the side and was unconscious, and Keerla was stabbed in the stomach. We killed the satyrs, but not with ease at all.. it seems that after we killed the ones when we found the moon well, other satyrs were alerted there was an attack and sent their strongest satyrs to the moon well.

Keerla and Ciram are resting at the base in Ferelas and will probably be there for the next two or three days, but me and Grip will be staying there to look after them and make sure they make a good recovery.

I am planning on seeking out and talking to Shilaza about the moon well as she will know a lot more about how to purify moon wells than most of us, which is why i took a sample. I will also be writing some notes to give to her regarding the moon well so she knows all about it.

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