Attack on Greenwarden's Grove

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Attack on Greenwarden's Grove

Post by Caviel on Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:41 am

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I arrived in Greenwarden's Grove while the Horde were already there attacking the place, there were buildings on fire and others being raided whilst the Alliance were pushing them back. We managed to push them away from the place and the battle continued just outside of the village.

There were even numbers at first, but then men started to fall on both sides until we reached coast line. We then realised the Horde had a ship nearby ready to take them away with any goods they had stolen from Greenwarden's Grove.

Once we had cleared the area of Horde, we made our way back to the village and put out the fires and started to try and clear all the damage made. We then realised there was a scroll missing from the village.. it seems the Horde went there to steal this, although unfortunately I do not know much about this scroll, Aramal of the Ninth Company stayed with his some of his men once I had left.. so they may know more about this than I.

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