Burning Blade research

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Burning Blade research

Post by Feron Farfield on Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:42 pm

The Burning Blade..They are said to be an Orcish clan that even other Orcs were weary of and was only kept at bay by the Ogres. They are known for superior warriors or Blademasters as they called them who appear to follow some sort of code as well as blood crazed warriors and warlocks summoning demons and drinking their blood..Like so many Orcs did once upon a time or so I hear.

Their emblem was an orange flag, with a red blade in them middle and an almost complete ring of fire in the background. Also more often than not their weapons were in some way enchanted to posses the ability to ignite and remain lit, causing them to swing weapons bound in flame and steel to deadly effect.

I am not sure when this happened..But thanks to a colleague in Dalaran I was informed that some of the more honourable Blademasters had left the Burning blade behind and pledged to save their people from demonic grip and now serve the Horde, leaving only the warlocks and blood-drunk fanatics behind..This likely lead to the clan becoming a cult and started to recruit others of a similar mind for idiotic worship of heralds of their own destruction..

Desolace is not the only place the Burning Blade cult can be found, though it does appear to be its most fortified, only having encampments in regions such as Durotar and The Barrens.

I have no knowledge as to their current leader, neither do my colleagues in Dalaran. We only know of a particular Orc  belonging to the Burning Blade that was hung just before the siege of Orgrimmar.

And finally..Galtak Ered'nash...A greeting they apparently use, meaning "All hail the Burning Blade" in the demonic tongue.


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