Burning Blade Troop Movements

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Burning Blade Troop Movements

Post by Kylora on Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:32 pm

Mission rundown:
Three day/night observation of cultist movements between Shok'Thokar and Thunder Axe Fortress

Present agents:
Kylora Duskdancer
(plus hippogryph)

Information gathered:
1. The cultists only move at night, as far as I can tell from a mere three-day period.
2. Their routes tend to run along the coast, or at least the west in general - they avoid the Cenarion Wildlands and the main roads and hide occasionally.
3. Their travel groups are extraordinarily small - a maximum of three cultists in either direction.
4. They only take a few supplies in packs with them. No carts, caravans, packmules, or anything of the sort.
5. They have no associations with any other groups in the area - again, only as far as I can tell from such a short amount of time.
6. The movements that do occur don't fit a regular pattern and don't seem to serve an urgent purpose.

Based on this information, attacking a small group of cultists before attempting to invade any of their strongholds is advisable. At best, we find letters or other evidence to help us plan more effectively, and at worst, we take out a few of these lunatics.

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