Report on reducing naga population in Northern Desolace

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Report on reducing naga population in Northern Desolace

Post by Caviel on Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:09 pm

Caviel Johanson
Shilaza Dawnstrike
Ciram Southey


After receiving orders, we met up at Nijel's point in Desolace. Ciram then suggested we travel to the coastline to assess the numbers of the naga. On arrival, there were many more than we expected, we were very outnumbered, after a brief discussion on what we are going to do, we decided to try and down as many naga as possible and then Ciram was to skin them for Webbles Boozeboat.

The first naga we encountered was harder than we though, it showed great strength which almost caused Ciram to get injured.. but then, a strange Night Elf appeared and saved us. Unfortunately we didn't get her name.. she never actually spoke, whether she can't or just chooses not to, i'm not sure. The only information we know about her is that she had a Cenarion insignia on her robe.. we think a druid from the Cenarion Wildlands.

We managed to slay three naga before we had to go back, it was definitely a job for more people.. it proved very difficult. Ciram managed to collect some of the skin that wasn't damaged by us and took it off of me when we left Nijel's point.

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