Update on Thunder Axe Fortress

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Update on Thunder Axe Fortress

Post by Caviel on Fri Jan 15, 2016 6:07 pm

Caviel Johanson
Ciram Southey
Webbles Boozeboat


Ciram and I met at Nijel's point in Desolace where we exchanged greetings and then made our way East of the Thunder Axe Fortress. Webbles then showed up and decided to come with us to the fortress to see if they had bettered their defenses after we approached them last week. On arriving there, we saw that there were two more guards at the entrance and one in the courtyard, exactly like before. It seems that ever since the attack, they have become cautious, we couldn't get much closer to the fortress without getting caught. We were positioned in the same spot as the last operation.

We spotted Goldthorn growing near the mountains in front of the fortress, which of course interested Webbles, so we had to kill a huge disgusting lizard thing to get it, and then after that we had to kill a huge bird which let out a loud screeching noise. We were worried that this scream could have reached the fortress so we sprinted away from it. Can't be having another incident like last time.

On our way to the fortress we spotted a wreckage of human made caravans near the south entrance.. so we decided to go back there to try and recover anything from the wreck and gather information about what happened. On arrival there, we did encounter some birds who we had some trouble with. I had my face and hands cut open to bits, luckily i can heal myself really.. and my new robe was absolutely filthy. And Webbles had a dead bird fall on her. Luckily though, after stabbing them several times, we managed to deal with it.

Unfortunately, all we found were body parts. It looked like someone was using the caravan to transport reinforcements to the fortress and then were ambushed, but we are not entirely sure, we couldn't spend too much time there in case we were spotted.. but i do think that going there and looking at it again would be a good idea. I believe the cultists in the fortress managed to retrieve their supplies first and left the ones in the caravans to die.

Caviel Johanson

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Re: Update on Thunder Axe Fortress

Post by Ciram on Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:05 pm

*Theres a note in top of Caviel's report*

In addition to Caviel's report, before going to Thunder Axe Fortress we inspected the elven ruins, west from Nijel's point. It's full of satyrs. Nothing too organized but definately too much for us to take over. Some of satyrs are capable of using cloaking spell which turned out to be a major threat to us as we got ambushed twice. They seem to patrol alone and the other satyrs didn't seem to pay attention to the ones patrolling the camp outskirts, which was lucky for us.

Fortunately we got out pretty unscratched. Oacenth will get the souvenir.


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