The lumber site in Stonetalon

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The lumber site in Stonetalon

Post by Aziir on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:28 pm

OOC information: Images in this report are OOC points of interest and are to give a rough idea of the area for event purposes. ICly they are likely to be rough sketches drawn by Keerla. Also check calendar and forums for regular updates on scouting and upcoming events!

Dear fellow Theatre Agents,

I'm writing to inform you of a mission In need of your assistance, regardless of you rank or skills. Enclosed are the notes and sketches taken on the scouting mission undertaken by Keerla and I. Naroma has asked for any able bodied members to make their way to Darnassus for the next Theatre meeting.

To conclude, It is with great importance that you respond to this as soon as possible. The night elves held captive are a huge priority. We cant do this with a small group.

Yours faithfully,

Aziir Vazaar

Stonetalon Scouting notes
''We arrived in the woodlands near the lumber mill.
Goblins, orcs (peons and infantry) and machinery filled the area.
We spot a huge goblin machine (uncertain of its purpose at time of writing), we approached this machine as it seemed empty.

We reached the top and found a button to turn it off, we used this as a distraction, to draw over Goblins and Peons. (Infantry continued patrolling)

We continued onwards towards the main lumber mill hut, on the way we found many Night elves were in cages. (We managed to rescue one)
It became apparent very quickly that this Orcish Infantry isn't to be taken lightly, they proved to be quite well equipped and are to have likely bulked their numbers since we scouted the area.
The lumber mill hut was empty, this may not be so next time we are in the area. It was worrying there was no one visibly in charge of this orcish lumber site.

We made our way out of the hut, through the back.
We made our way to the trees behind the mill.

We found an unoccupied watch tower, this had a good view of the area and could also make for a good distraction.

Next to this this watch tower there was a lake that proved to be good cover while escaping and had what could have been a good entrance point to get unnoticed access to the watch tower.
Tip: Don't wear anything too heavy!''

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